Excessive sweating, called hyperhydrosis, is a condition that often has no underlying cause. People who suffer from it experience social consequences in particular. Wet sweat stains and unpleasant odours can contribute to isolation and significantly affect personal confidence.

Based on their own dermatological research, Dermatologist Wim Venema and Pharmacist Ben Homan have found an active substance that penetrates deep into the skin and can act directly on the sweat glands. The initial results of the study are so promising that it was subsequently decided to set up the company Xero Pharmaceuticals (aka Notoxins) and to seek financing for further development into a (eventually) registered medicine. To date, hardly any suitable medication is available to properly treat hyperhydrosis.

Experienced (clinical) pharmacologist Reinier Schwietert has been recruited to provide the so-called clinical proof of concept for the medicinal use of the found product, who will design and supervise the further test program.

With the investment of Carduso Capital, Xero Pharmaceuticals can carry out the first clinical test, which should make the agent suitable for development as a registered pharmacotherapeutic treatment by mid-2022.

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