Therapeutic area

The market for products to control sweating is large and highly underpenetrated by prescription pharmaceutical products.

Most patients who seek treatment from a physician receive prescription topical antiperspirants as a first-line option; however, their use is limited by modest efficacy and skin irritation, particularly in patients with more severe disease. As second-line alternatives, patients are directed to more invasive treatment regimens and procedures that aim to block, destroy or remove the sweat glands. Such treatment options have limitations in their efficacy and duration of effect, are invasive, costly, and may result in significant side effects.

Accordingly, we believe that the lack of diagnosis and available treatment options present a substantial market opportunity for a new, effective, well-tolerated topical hyperhidrosis treatment. Such a therapy could not only further penetrate the segment of patients who currently seek treatment from a physician, but also encourage more patients to seek out treatment.